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Problems initializing Barracuda drives in NexStar GX enclosures under OSX

I had a problem initializing and partitioning a new Seagate Barracuda 400GB drive with the NexStar GX (NST-370GX) external USB enclosure.  Neither my G4 MacBook Pro or my Mac Mini Dual core could initialize or partition the enclosure/drive.  I could however hook the enclosure up to my XP machine, format it using NTFS, and access (read) the drive on my Mac Mini just fine.  I didn't check it on the laptop though after formatting it using XP.  This still was unacceptable.

After doing some searching online, I discovered this post on 123macmini.com:  


where the post points out that the NexStar GX enclosure is a rebranded Macpower M9-LX.  Then I discovered on the Macpower site:


that the enclosure is not compatible with any Seagate Barracuda drive greater than 160GB.  Doh!

After swapping out the Barracuda drive for a 300GB Western Digital drive I could then initialize, partition, and use the enclosure on my Mac Mini without any problem.

I was using OSX 10.4.7

I hope this helps others out there with the same configuration.


Issues updating a DataGrid row when using an ObjectDataSource and DataSet

I have been having issues using the DataGrid's built in Edit and Update features when the DataGrid was using the ObjectDataSource.  The code generated by the IDE was causing a "could not find a non-generic method" error when committing the changes to an edited row in a DataGrid control.  Go here to read my analysis and solution.

DCR-VX1000 AC Power Adapter and Power Cable

DC Connection Cord - 47.38

Model Number: DK-715

Sony Part Number: 1-769-635-21 (176963521)


AC Adapter - 131.95

Model Number: AC-V615 (ACV615) (replacement for AC-V515 that shipped with camera)

Sony Part Number: A-7093-378-A (A7093378A)  Original

Sony Part Number: A-6776-330-A (A6776330A)  Replacement


PDF Manual for DCR-VX1000